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Is the patio included in the rental fee? 2017-04-20T23:27:38+00:00

Yes, the indoor and outdoor space is included in the event rental fee as well as the firepit.

In case of inclement weather, what are your options for keeping guests comfortable outside on the patio? 2017-04-20T15:19:06+00:00

We can put cocktail tables around bar if inclement weather.  You are welcome to rent an enclosed tent for outside garden/patio for certainty.

What time will my guests have to leave the venue? 2017-04-20T15:17:51+00:00

You will have 30 minutes at the conclusion of the event to clear the space completely. This is detailed in our contract.

If we choose to have the wedding and the reception there, how long is the total rental time? 2017-04-20T14:31:07+00:00

Four hours of event time comes with an event space rental, by adding the Ceremony Package ($875) it adds an additional hour to your event for a total of five (5) hours.

What is the Maximum number of guest you can accommodate? 2017-04-20T14:30:11+00:00

Maximum of 200 seated guests

Cocktail style up to 225 guests

What’s included in the cost of the Venue? 2017-04-20T14:33:40+00:00

The amount charged for the venue rental covers to costs of the following items:

  • Indoor/outdoor space
  • Chair usage
  • Tables usage
  • Round linens in black white or ivory (up-charge for rectangular floor length linens)
  • Glassware, dinnerware and flatware
  • Sound system, microphone, TVs
  • Four hours of event time

Event Coordination

Where would you recommend a band or DJ set up? 2017-04-20T23:28:42+00:00

This will depend on the amount of guests at the planning meeting held 2-3 months a layout will be constructed.

Where do people take pictures? 2017-04-20T15:21:51+00:00

Feel free to drive around the area, there are some local parks as well as you can always take them on our stage, our patio, and with its garden makes it a great space! Our front steps, train tracks or close by fields are great back drops depending on the look you’re hoping to get.

Who will be our point person be before the wedding? 2017-04-20T15:19:49+00:00

You will meet your Event Lead during your planning meeting which is held 2-3 months prior to your wedding.


Who is responsible for setting up and tearing down the decor, and when will it be completed? 2017-04-20T23:30:52+00:00

Tables, chairs and table setting is done by The Martin staff. Site decoration can be completed prior to your event in allotted time given. If you would like The Martin to complete the full set up of your decorations/centerpieces/ we can do so if you add the Total Setup Starting at $575.

Are there any decoration limitations? Can we use candles? 2017-04-20T23:30:01+00:00

Can use candles as long as they are in a glass votive that is above flame (no open flame). Limitation of decorations-confetti and glitter (glitter on decor is ok but not just dusted on tables)


Do we have the option between a buffet or sit down dinner? 2017-04-20T23:37:54+00:00

Yes, our menu pricing is listed for buffet pricing and there is an additional cost for plated service.

Can we customize a menu? 2017-04-20T23:37:08+00:00


Will flatware/dinnerware and linens for buffet table be included in the cost of the catering service? 2017-04-20T23:36:39+00:00


Could we use outside vendors? 2017-04-20T23:33:02+00:00

All catering and beverage services are required to go through The Martin, but all other outside vendors are ok.


Is there a champagne toast offered in the bar package? 2017-04-20T23:41:28+00:00

Yes, we can add a bit of bubbly to your event. Champagne toasts are $5 per person and includes champagne and plastic flutes.

Will you allow us to bring our own liquor? If so, is there a corkage fee? 2017-04-20T23:40:42+00:00


Is the bar available during the entire event? 2017-04-20T23:39:40+00:00

The bar is open for the duration of your event (4 hours), you can purchase additional time.

Do they require a cash bar or is an open bar an option? 2017-04-20T23:38:30+00:00

We have several options for our bar service, please request additional information.


Would you be willing to let the bridal party take pictures in the brewery? 2017-04-20T23:42:53+00:00

This has be approved by Brewmaster and will depend on brewing schedule.